Freeload-Riding the rail.

I first became aware of this through watching movies of the drought in America in depressed America era. It was intriguingly sad to see otherwise employed men reduced to Riding the Rail, seeking any type of work they could.

The following is a repost from Grabfest

Despite the ever-widening wealth gap, most of us continue to grasp at the American Dream, which promises financial security in exchange for hard work. In fact, for many workers in today’s economy, attaining middle-class status is exactly that—a dream—while digital technologies have pushed enormous numbers of steady-paycheck employees into the unpredictable “gig economy,” where contracts are the norm.
In Portland eating Blackberries

At 3 a.m. I came across a doc about train hopping hobos so watched it at night in my underwear. As the film unfolded familiar spots from my own life appeared. I’ve seen many of these places they traveled/met one of them after I found him hitchhiking in North Dakota. My late night brain was blown as the parallels piled atop one another………….

The group of young bums travel America by train, spending their hours stinging drunk and hanging out. They pick up and scatter as the winds of work impulse to move overtake them. As such they bop all around the country yetwind up circling a similar path to ol ‘ gabfrab. I’m too yellow and tame to ride a line but our trajectories have rode a similar orbit. It was fun to see them head [ ]