Walk about

Coral Sea Park – the beginning of our walk.

This past month and perhaps a little longer both Jessica and me have been sick with what we thought was flu.

After a swab and X-Ray it was declared an extremely bad cold – worse than the flu. Intermittently we soldiered on doing what had to be done and collapsing on the bed afterwards. Being a Carer I was the one mostly doing and collapsing.

I now must use a walking stick due to a few bad attacks of loss of legs and now,swaying and tripping and leaning. Due to madames chariot I must still manage at least 3 miles an hour to keep up.

Yesterday we began walking with a newly established Walking Group in which I found myself able to out walk the pack and had to slow down. Eventually, if others decide to join us we are thinking of going further afield such as the Art Gallery. It took 50 minutes to go down and to return to the Lexington Place community Centre.

Tomorrow we are going to Dalhousie Street in Five Dock, to St. Davids Church for Joy’s Ordination- one of only a few I have attended.

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