Vegano Periférico: perfil no Instagram mostra que dá para ser vegano gastando pouco

Peripheral Vegan: Instagram profile shows you can be vegan spending little.

Between environmental reasons and compassion for animals, the number of people rethinking meat consumption is only growing worldwide. Big brands are adapting to this reality, but many people still see a big drag on vegetarianism or veganism: it seems to be a more expensive way to feed.

There are some independent initiatives that seek to demystify this idea and show that the vegan lifestyle is not necessarily more expensive than others. After the group Veganos Pobres on Facebook, one that has gained prominence is Vegan Peripheral, on Instagram.
The profile manager lives in Campinas (SP) and publishes photos of plant-based foods that his family eats, as well as simple and nutritious dishes that can be made on a daily basis, without much altering the routine compared to those who include the food. Meat in the diet.


Acompanhando as imagens, são postadas legendas sobre as maneiras como a indústria da carne nos torna culturalmente dependentes dos alimentos de origem animal. Vale a pena seguir e refletir.

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