Uposatha Observance


Video on Uposatha Observance:

Full Moon Poya Days: Uposatha 8 Rule Observance!
January 20 Duruthu: Buddha first visit to Ceylon at Mahiyangana Stupa, which contains hair & collarbone relics.

February 19 Navam: At this day Buddha ordains Sāriputta and MahāMoggallāna and later decides his Parinibbāna.

March 20 Madin: Buddha visits parents home after Enlightenment, and ordains his son Rāhula, & half brother Nanda.

April 19 Bak: Buddha’s second visit to Ceylon, at Nagadipa close to Jaffna in the 5th year after his Enlightenment.

May 18 Vesak: This Sacred Day celebrates the birth, Enlightenment, and passing away of the Blessed BuddhaGotama.

June 16 Poson: Emperor Asoka‘s son, the Arahat Mahinda, introduces Buddhism to Ceylon in the 3rd century B.C.

July 16 EsalaBuddha preaches 1st Sermon: Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta & performs the famous Twin Miracle.

August 14 Nikini: Bhikkhus who did not enter the yearly rains retreat (Vassa) at Esala Poya, are allowed to enter now.

September 13 Binara: Start of Bhikkhuni Sangha by the ordination of Queen Mahāpajāpatī; the Buddha’s foster-mother.

October 13 Vap: Marks the end of the Bhikkhu’s three months rains retreat and begins Kathina month of giving robes.

November 12 Il: Celebrates the BuddhaGotama‘s explanation of the next BuddhaMetteyya & BreathingMeditation.

December 11 Unduwap: Arrival in Ceylon of a sapling of the sacred Bodhi-tree, brought by Arahat Theri Sanghamitta.