Spiritual Tea-Leaves: this war of fear

Seconds from Disaster- Spiritual Tea leaves

I wonder whose purpose it serves to forecast the Second Coming.  Whose salvation it wins.  Whose eternal life.  For just as with tea-leaves, the spiritual reading of spiritual “tea-leaves ” and these “Second Coming Signs” seem always to be with us..

I wonder whose purpose it serves … this War of Fear.

For Jesus, when he walked and talked, could have done that across the whole planet all at once.  Could have been in all places everywhere at the same moment.  Could have been within each one then and ever since.   But, according to the Gospels, he didn’t.  He walked and talked with those in his immediate vicinity.  A small fraction of the global population even then.  He walked and talked, primarily, with those ALREADY Chosen.  Those whose faith was of a different culture are held up as exceptions.

So I wonder whose purpose it serves for this repeated swishing of the Second-Coming-tea-leaves.  And why now?[…]

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