What are the Seven Links to Awakening?

The 7 Links to Awakening
What are the Seven Links to Awakening? This Post may have been posted before, I notice most of the tags are here.

1:  Awareness is a link to Awakening (sati-sambojjhanga).
2:  Investigation is a link to Awakening (vicaya-sambojjhanga).
3:  Energy is a link to Awakening (viriya-sambojjhanga).
4:  Joy is a link to Awakening (pīti-sambojjhanga).
5:  Tranquillity is a link to Awakening (passaddhi-sambojjhanga).
6:  Concentration is a link to Awakening (samādhi-sambojjhanga).
7:  Equanimity is a link to Awakening (upekkhā-sambojjhanga).
These are the seven links leading to final mental Enlightenment…

Those whose minds are well-developed in these 7 factors of self-awakening,
who delight in non-clinging, who relinquish all grasping, whose minds are all
around luminous, whose mental fermentations are all stilled: They, even while
still in this world, are totally unbound right here!

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