Jessica’s Corneal Graft.

We had set our alarms for 0559 hours so that we might be in the C.B.D as early as possible . Breakfast at 0630 hours, and off to town by the 7’00 bus. End Military time Jessica is like a soldier managing a campaign when she prepares for the many stays in surgeries.

This is a photo of the decorative fountain in the hospital courtyard.

Sydney Eye Hospital, taken this morning from the Domain,10ish.

Here we are, on our way from the Botanical gardens back to Admissions.

After a longish wait we were escorted by a pretty young nurse from Latvia; I tend to ask an accent from where she comes.♥️

Jessica is still in surgery and after getting lost in the city buying lunch I am here waiting for her…after being lost in this hospital.

It is not very large but is the oldest functioning hospital in the State. Would love a drink of water. Let’s go a hunting.

Over and out