Quieter Times

It had been quite sometime since the Ibis had called a meeting. Mr and Mrs Allitknow and Miss Allbragand Boast had left as soon as Rumpled Feathers had departed. They heard that the massacred remains of all the others were discovered on the green, like a hundred feather pillows, slashed upon the grass.


Peeking through the bushes. By nosey human.

Coral Sea Park had, since the Dispersal, been our larder, a quiet serene oasis of green. Except when human chicks played kick ball or throw ball. These were called by exotic names like Cricket which drew mother and father humans to yell and scream at one another and sometimes even blows. But there were no Crows.


No Crows. Yes Crows, chuckled ghost of Bert hiding under the awning of the human’s ablusion block and peering from afar . He hid by habit learnt in life,now invisible it didn’t matter; but Bert liked to keep his wing in case the Crow Messy Ire returned to raise the dead.


Mr and Mrs Allitknow decided there must be another Congregation, a leader to elect. To call everyone to order was now a challenge since all had gone their own ways.

Some of the crowd had gone to Centennial Park to spend time with the Congregations of the Nations of Swan, Goose and Hen. A Carrier Pidgeon was called to order by the Allitknows and a letter sent to every corner of the realms – return to South Maroubra, all is safe, return, we must elect a Parliament. Yes, a Parliament said Miss Allbragand Boast – no more President for us. No one would ever forget the reign of Rumpled Feathers who had sold them out for a juicy worm, the lazy bum. Getting those crows to eat our brethren.

Yes, bemoaned Bert, to think I was the one who herded the flock into the beaks of those ef’n bs who killed me for my trouble. Sigh.

South Maroubra Village Green

On the morrow the Ibis Nation were once again noticed by the human who seemed to walk this way about this time. He heard a lonely caw in the trees by the shops and thought he saw a Crow fading into the air. Yes, well it was Bert gone to heaven at last.

Later in the morning 10 Ibis were elected to oversee the affairs of the Nation for a period of 6 months. Policies? What were they? To do the best for every Ibis citizen or else the Crows will come and Murder you.