Ibis gathering

Ibis in South Maroubra Park

The Ibis had called a meeting and congregated around, Mr and Mrs Allitknow and Miss Allbragand Boast had come there to gloat. That old goat Sir Rumpled Feathers was off to go way. “I will leave strict instructions” he said “That all will know the hour ….”
Hey Rumpled Feathers,”Don’t you really mean ‘That all will know the hour you lost the vote to Allbragand and the Allitknows told everyone…you are done for..'”

O,Quoth the Crows,hiding in the only tree,getting all Theatrical. Since Bert the squirt was dead,the Stock Market had fallen..this was the first event of note to Caw about,old Rumpled Feathers has left the flock alone and unprotected,like a larder with open door.I passed that way the very next day,the Ibis gone with so many rumpled feathers strewn about the grass-and two fat Crows and ghost of Bert,sat burping in the tree.
“You couldn’a done it ’cause I’m the one who scared to death the latest Ibis Parliament.