Not quite a murder

Not quite a MURDER,

But more than 2 or 3, they faced eachother cornerwise across the wires.

Clawing in loud conversation the business of the day.

How is the Crow Market, have you heard it may rain? Did you know old Bert has cawed his last time.

You don’t say cawed Jim, thought he hadn’t been stealing my lines of late.

Your lines? Yes my lines: I have laid some snares for field mouse and vole.

I used the wire from this week’s cleanup, when all the humans throw out their trash. Up I flew and someone’s TV took a wirless fall.

Ha, you won’t have any luck, you’re in Australia mate and the mice hop like grasshoppers and not a vole to be found.

What do you mean? Wireless, what century are you in anyhow? -A Murder, they weren’t but murderers they might be.

Poor old Bert.