Nijō Castle in Kyoto, Japan

Ninomaru Garden at Nijō Castle in Kyoto, Japan Nijō Castle in Kyoto, Japan, was built by a group of feudal lords for the Tokugawa shoguns (feudal military leaders). Completed in the 17th century, it combines outer and inner walls of stout fortification with the elegant architecture of the Edo period. The most expansive structure here is the Ninomaru Palace, a showplace and residence intended to flaunt the status and riches of the shoguns. To complement the sprawling residence, an extensive garden was laid out nearby, including the large pond shown here. Within it are three small islands and beyond stand groves of cherry and plum trees.

Nijo Castle, Nakagyo

Originally built in 1603 and holding World Heritage Site status, Nijo Castle presents an exemplary look at Japanese feudal architecture. The castle served as a residence to the first Edo shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the complex contains two concentric circles of moat and wall fortifications, surrounding the central palace and auxiliary..[..]

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