How could the universe create itself from nothing?

For better visualization, imagine a doughnut-shaped figure. The center of the doughnut lies outside the doughnut. This is the special feature of the doughnut-shaped torus.

The center of a torus lies outside the torus proper.

The Universe was not made from nothing


The Muslim and the Christian can agree on the level which lie beyond the material plane.

We do possess data from God Most High who reveals, nay unveils holiness in both subtle as well as obvious ways.

Two basic principles are used in creating the universe:

The first principle: The immutable nature of creation is manifested as the torus form. The torus pervades through the entire universe. The torus is the soul form. It is substantially the force field of magnetism.

Signals can and do go through the zero point of every torus field instantaneously.

The second principle is the unfolding of the torus form, which is a kind of molting, an expansive action which occurs on at the surface level. The science of Divine unfolding is ruled by the Fibonacci sequence: Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2

The Fibonacci Sequence – God’s Mathematical Design Of The Universe –

The Fibonacci sequence is the underlying principle of God’s beauty. Every moment is different and the universe renews itself at every moment.