Mesaid Ghanem-The Wilayat of ‘Ali

Hadiths of Ahl Al-Bayt (A.s)

Imam Sadiq (a.s) said: “Write and spread your knowledge among your brothers. If the end of your life approaches, leave your knowledge as an inheritance for your sons, since there will come a time of sedition when the people will only be intimate with their books.”MISHKAT UL-ANWAR FI GHURAR IL-AKHBAR, THE LAMP NICHE

“The Wilayat of ‘Ali (ع) has been written in all of the books of the (previous) Prophets and Allah (ﷻ) did not appoint a single Messenger except with a (pledge to the) Prophethood of Muhammad (ﷺ) and the successorship of ‘Ali (ع).”Imam Ridha (ع)Safinatul Bihar, Volume 2, Page 691

Source: Mesaid Ghanem