Random Clicks #3: The Girl in the Rain by Roy

And O for blessed rain.

The Floating Thoughts

Clicks by: Minal Shah
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Words by: Roy

The race for self-discovery most of the times creates an illusion of a path towards success. We tend to believe that once we achieve success we would discover ourselves. However, when that path ends we are left with mere fragments of ephemeral success and enhanced thirst for the insight to ourselves. This is a story of a girl who floundered many a time while walking on that road yet never did stop for once. Her destiny at the end of that road unraveled that her dreams were linked to those successes. But when she achieved them, she felt incomplete. All her life she had bottled her emotions and her feelings to keep herself strong enough for that journey. Now, when she stood at the top rung of that ladder she felt an uncanny emptiness around that…

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