Saga nula maison and random thoughts.

Furgenson Lodge for at least another week or two.

We are into the 6th week of our stay here in Lidcombe. An interesting area, we have been over to Auburn today so THAT Jessica could take her “Little  toe” to the Clinic there. She injured it last Sunday week by running it over wIth her wheelchair as she was trying to get out of bed.

She is on daily recall, as of yesterday because the toe is going septic. Today we  had the help of a carer, Helen, from Jessica’s PAC package who squeezed the wheelchair and grocery bags into the car so that we could go to  the Clinic and also  shop.

Her Case Manager, Brooke, agrees that using a Taxi is  less expensive than hiring a nurse to make a home visit. We have a new wheelchair cabbie out here we can use to transport Jessica there.

Because of our time away we have had to buy a dongle for the Computer and this Tablet of mine will soon be ordering its own funeral plan.

Not being able to attend church here due to inaccessible buildings has meant no Christian company, I am not sure that we can function very well, Spiritually without Liturgy, and since we began worshipping at the Uniting church, I have learned so much more of the Mystery of Sacrament that I have not celebrated the Mass. I have ceased to believe that there must be an explanation for everything Christ said and did.




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