Away from me

Jessica and I ha 🏘’ve, or rather are at Furgenson Lodge at 1/10 College Street Lidcombe, a facility belonging to Paraquad.  We are here while our home in Maroubra is renovated.Ferguson lodge

Ours is the first Villa on the right,they are very friendly places to spend time. Initially intended to be 2 weeks tomorrow, now an unknown quantity.

We have found our way  about to a certain degree, though needing to use a Taxi to Medical appointments,since we still need to travel the $90.00 trip to specialist. Jessica’s OAC package takes care of her expenses but not mine though unless mine are very early trains and buses  do the job.

To the point: why away from me? I have discovered how much I value the Worship and folk at Church back in Maroubra and I feel that much of me is still there. I am out of my element, I pray those builders get on with the job before I get too bored wearing a very limited wardrobe. Most of our luggage was food, We have been shopping carefully to not have too much to take home, but a limited diet is not tasty.

I have not been able to contribute to my Blogs as faithfully as before, so have not been pressing or reblogging yours, friends.

Pray for us to return home soon.