Rest (in)spite

pink lotus flower on river in thailandAfter a tussle with the dpt Housing who have now, just granted our request for a properly accessible home, I am now glancing at TV. Glancing, as I try to produce something sensible from out of the anger and cruelty of the past few days.

We always hurt those we love and we certainly have been hurting together.

Presently we have a Villa at Lidcombe, at Furgenson Lodge.  It is nice and grants some apart ment from ourselves.

Rest in spite, respite in spite of ourselves. An area I have only ever seen from a train, is  putting us at ease. A new ,another place, far from spite. Countryfied amid a large industrial suburb, near the biggest Necropolis in the state.

Death dressed up in Granite and steel. What have the dead have to do with the pink lotus flower on river in thailandliving ?