What is the real Science of being a Believer in religion

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Jamaludheen Kn

What is the real Science of being a Believer in religion, ( a Person who have achieved Ease in Mind (Aamanu/آمَنُوا)

Mindfulness (taqwa) is nothing but the natural way of Understanding the self , only when you allow your mind to be in ease , without false concepts , you will be able to Reason and use your real potential of the mind. if you force yourself (the collective understanding of self/Consciousness) to understand something which is not real , a mind concept. it will always bring suffering , it is the way we are created & evolved to a human by the Universal intelligence.

The Starting point for a better understanding of yourself in the world, is to have Ease in mind (Aamana) , then you will be able to experience the present moment with better clarity , reason about it in mind without stress and Understand from the present moment what the universal intelligence (Allah/father/God) is telling you. The act of accepting the impressions the life brings you is Ebadah , but we Wrongly understood it as worship. Worship will stuck you in Matter , and belief will stuck you in Mind, only when you allow the process to be complete , you will ever Understand and make it a part of your soul. People who are Ease in mind is called (آمَنُوا) in Quran, not the people who believe in concepts. The people who allow the things to unfold in their life’s Script , without being stressful about it. People who have achieved ease in mind a state of fearlessness for life’s events.

Only a fearless and easy mind will be able find the reason and meaning of events happening in life.