Wildlife Wednesday: Blue-footed Booby

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Blue-footed Booby birds are common to see in Galapagos Islands. The name “booby” came from the Spanish word “bobo”, introduced by the European colonists, which means “fool/foolish”. They don’t look like a foolish bird to me but as a cute looking bird with sharp eyes.

Blue-footed Booby

They may look clumsy when walking on the land, however, wait until you see them flying, swimming and diving for their main food: fish. They are impressive divers and swimmers.

Blue-footed Booby

The younger Blue-footed booby does not have blue-footed. I thought at the beginning they are Brown-footed booby, but I was wrong.

Blue-footed booby (the young one) Blue-footed booby (the young one)

The Blue-footed Booby can be seen in the coasts of the eastern Pacific Ocean from California to the Galapagos Islands down into Peru. But 70 percent of Blue-footed booby bird population live in Galapagos Islands that makes the chance to see them in Galapagos…

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