Brown booby seabirds in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Brown booby seabirds in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil


You’re probably more familiar with this bird’s close relative, the blue-footed booby.
the blue-footed booby.
The brown version may not sport the vivid pastel feet of its cousin, but it shares a similar sweeping wing span and breathtaking dive-bomb fishing technique. Here, a quintet of brown booby seabirds crane their necks near the Morro do Pico pinnacle in Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha archipelago, a popular breeding ground for marine birds. They just might be on the lookout for seagulls: One of their hunting techniques is to wait until gulls find a rich shoal of fish to feed on, and then follow their lead.

This species breeds on islands and coasts in the pantropical areas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, they frequent the breeding grounds of the islands in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. This bird nests in large colonies, laying two chalky blue eggs on the ground in a mound of broken shells and vegetation, it winters at sea over a wider area.

Brown booby pairs may remain together over several seasons, they perform elaborate greeting rituals, and are also spectacular divers, plunging into the ocean at high speed. They mainly eat small fish or squid which gather in groups near the surface and may catch leaping fish while skimming the surface, although they are powerful and agile fliers, they are particularly clumsy in takeoffs and landings; they use strong winds and high perches to assist their takeoffs.


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