The Bedevilment

The stars glinted cheekily through the splinter in the ceiling, the hanging wall, miners called it and I surely prayed it would stay hanging. I have been here for some time more than a week not knowing how long I had been unconcious. I had come to, face up in the spring, There was nothing I fancied eating but knew it would come to trapping these blind creatures scuttling in the rocks
We had been down here looking for the Hoard, spoken of in the secret letters taken from the pocket of the One we had followed here, we were far too greedy to be sensible and should have followed him in and out, so we knew how to leave the cavern.
It seemed I was the only one alive, the broken bodies” of the others lay like limp dolls, lying where some petulant child had town them. The narrow bridge spanning the spring had fractured under our joint weight and all had fallen some fifty feet to the spring. I was the lucky one, falling into the sand beside the stream.
I will move them, I must because I do not, want to be that hungry that, well Better left unsaid, I heaved their bodies over the chasm and went in search of a more pleasant place to be.
Springs come from somewhere, of course they do, but which way to go? Further in to discover whether the spring opened up into a larger rivulets or just came melting in through the cave wall. I had had a box of chalk ing my pocket,but whether still serviceable as way markers I hoped so . As I ventured further into the gloom I left my numbered chalk marks on the wall of the tunnel.
When I no longer could keep my feet straight I said to myself “better take a break, and have a go at harvesting these misbegotten blind creatures for dinner?” I had no knowledge of the day or the hour, so substituted ‘meal’. Always pedantic, O.C.D , I would surely begin setting the pebbles straight when and if I got into a state.
I ate a unsatisfactory meal, miraculously it remained a meal rather than something returned from my gut.
I slept, awoke to test the drinkability of the spring water,it had the sweet taste of minerals and I judged it to be safe to drink. I made it do for breakfast and picked up a small pebble to suck to generate saliver as groped my way further away from the place of death I had left behind. Away since I had no idea where to was,had to have a reference.
Suddenly noise bore down on me like a drum roll as I found myself about to slip down the side of another thin shelf into a huge,dark lake and it was the presence of a Mighty Beast for whom the drum roll unfolded like the Victoria Falls. It bore down on me. ………


Andrew Blairsville 26 April 2018.