Are Humans born as Theists? — Shaykh Atabek Shukurov an Nasafi


Quranic School

According to Imam Abu Hanifa and early Hanafis, humans are born with no religion what so ever. Being a member of any of the religions including Islam, Judaism and Christianity requires consciousness and awareness, which is impossible as a newborn child (boys and girls). Therefore, claiming that everyone is born following a particular religion is an illogical claim. Everyone is born like ablank paper, concerning knowledge and religion. A newborn baby does not have the level of intellect, which would support him to contemplate upon different religions nor to choose any of them. Furthermore, the term ”Fitrah” which is mentioned in Quran does not in form or shape mean Judaism nor Christianity nor Islam.

or this?

There is a wide spread rumour within the fundamentals of Islam, amongst the Muslims of our time and age. They believe that every single human is born as a Muslim and it is the default status. Nevertheless, any deformation that takes place in his later life is believed to be a side effect of the environment, the society, and all the other surrounding factors. To summarise the ideology it literally means, “Every single human is born as a Muslim and he is deformed as a non-Muslim because of his parents and other surrounding factors.” Hence the widely term “Revert” used for when a person accepts Islam as opposed to “convert”.

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