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Edited by Sonia Nisa

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…….I have previously demonstrated how their principles are no longer applicable during our time and age. My objective from this analysis is to learn their authentic methods of applying conditions as these are our predecessors and we should learn from them and shadow their footsteps. Additionally, I can clearly discern the confusion amongst the Muslims from the past century concerning the following terminologies:

  • ”Authentic Hadith” and what to do with it?
  • ”Accepted Hadith”, what does it mean?

In this article, I want to quote multiple ahadith, which were authentic in the past and I will demonstrate what the classical scholars of Ahl Sunnah did with them. In order to implement the principles, I have chosen the prophetic narrations, which are related to one specific and very important topic that is very crucial in Islam. Below are the reasons why I chose this topic:…….

Source https://shaykhatabekshukurov.com/2018/02/13/the-classic-scholars-treating-the-authentic-narration/