Silly me.

What has this to do with me?

I am not sure what the bread might do if I leave it naked on the board.

I  am not sure what I will do unless I am well again, chasing between bathroom and kitchen where the pet ants crawl across each window sill. Where go they backward and forward, like my mind that has spiralled all week.

No, I am not well, I am not well!.

Such headaches I have had, my blood pressure  over the moon. How my back Aches, I arise from the pillow, bent double in pain . My head all a tremble,my heart on fire.


I would be well, if I could be well, tuned on key by the master himself.

The Pearl beyond price is not as unreachable as the blue Moon we have just had, let’s go to the oyster beds and sleep for a while, dream for some times when we were well.




  1. All in Christ are healed for eternity, even when not well and going through the steps beforehand. This post invokes such compassion from my heart, and understanding of the fear, the weariness, the hope. I can only send genuine hugs on this medium hoping that you feel it in spirit.

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