When death comes by


pexels-photo-208155.jpegWhen death comes by
One wonders why.
The sound of bones on xylophones,
Fills all the wind in my willows with water and dark.

Hark quoth ribs, like little bells ringing, where is my heart?
All fallen through, like little boys squeezing through the gate.

My legs dangle me like puppets, my hands a camponel, a what?

Don’t know for my brain was stolen by surgeonular saw, the day that death walked by.

From me in hades to me walking there,

a cavernous fire covered the sight of me.

When death came over me.

On a wire I hang as a chime, wind blowing my bony limbs

My brain a feast for hungry crows which had snatched me from the kidney’s dish.

I saw them come my eyes in a jar, magnified by the prism casting colour from white.

Now a facet of dark sin and piety,

I wait for the gods to read of me

The day death sent me down.

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