Siraat Al-Mustaqeem.​Al-Nabati Al-Amuli

Al-Nabati Al-Amuli:

Sayyid Al-Himyari 

“She was beaten and her right was usurped

And then they let her taste the pain of injuries and wounds

May that hand be cut who hit her

And the hand of those who are content with that and follow him

May Allah not forgive him and nor

Make him safe of the fear of the Day of Resurrection”

Al-Barqi (Died 245 A.H.) says in a poetry:

“They collected firewood to burn the house

And lit it even though there were children in it

And in the house there was not except the purified ones

Of women and the truthful one and the grandsons (of the Prophet (saw))

I do not say that they did treachery, they rather disbelieved

And disbelief is less than burning the children (of the Prophet (saw))

And whatever of their tyranny and wrongdoing they did

Will be two chains around their necks in Hellfire”

Source: Siraat Al-Mustaqeem. Vol. 3, Pg. # 13.