The Weekly Headlines 20 Jan. 2018


  1. Ten Reasons Why Higher Education as we used to know it will Be GONE in 15 Years

  2. Darkness has Settled in Scandinavia

  3. Light is Driving Back Darkness

  4. Why am I not finding the blog post?

  5. Liberals Exposed For Putting DACA Illegals Ahead Of American Citizens – Ingraham Angle

  6. Atheist Tells A Girl “There Is No God.” He Went Silent When She Said This.

  7. Friday funnies

  8. A Religious Spirit…

  9. Did Twitter REALLY suspend THE House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s acct?

  10. Buy some hate with your clothes

  11. Ways to be Considerate to One Another During Cold & Flu Season

  12. Awesome Blogger Award

  13. Being Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You by Kelly Johnson

  14. The Hot Mess Holiday

  15. The Master’s Hand

  16. Remember When…?

  17. The Chocolate Garden

  18. New Jersey’s new Governor’s first day commits to making NJ a Shit hole

  19. Quote of the Day

  20. Snow job

  21. Almost a week and we’re still talking about shit…

  22. Trump’s Honesty Liberates Us from the Shackles of Political Correctness 

  23. Good Morning Quote ~ 01.16.18



  26. An Etched Haiku

  27. ”Emotional Shedding Of Tears”

  28. poem- three lines

  29. Hope for today: service you perform

  30. Pursuing Unity

  31. VIDEO I’ve Been to the Mountaintop – President Donald Trump: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a ‘Great American Hero

  32. Monday Funnies… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

  33. Inspirational Song For Today: We All Bleed The Same

  34. Rules for Innocents

  35. Gifted

  36. Covered Eyes

  37. To Grieve

  38. The answers of godlessness. Not.

  39. Break Time Is Over!!!

  40. Land of the Formerly Free

  41. ‘Super Mom’ Casually Dives Into Icy Water And Rips Car Door Open To Save Stranger After Crash

  42. Strangers Approach Girl With Down Syndrome; His Heartwarming Words Leave Mom In Tears.

  43. The Carpenter

  44. Breakfast at McDonald’s

  45. Unmasking Juliet

  46. Some things never go out of style

  47. Obama, Graham and Trump all thought the world was in a shit storm

  48. Dueling Sides, Strategic Craziness and Mission of Sedition

  49. Quote of the Day

  50. Sunday funnies

  51. If life gives you snowflakes…

  52. HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View “Everything You Post,” & Private “Sex Messages”…

  53. An Apocryphal Story that is MOSTLY True but has been changed to protect the innocent that Explains Donald Trump and X—holes

  54. A Gay Republican on Pays Trous-de-Merde Shitting on us one shithole at time…

  55. President Trump Rejects Ridiculous UniParty DACA Deal…

  56. “Shithole” Pride!

  57. Blue State Blues: ‘Shithole’ Controversy Shows Perils of Negotiating with Democrats

  58. FLOTUS Friday and We’re Dealing With Some S**t Around Here

  59. Quote of the Day

  60. Media are World’s Apart

  61. Clintons and their ‘love’ for Haiti -Hillary calls out Trump’s remarks? NYC Protests!


  63. 15 Productivity Hacks For Procrastinators

  64. God Bless You” Speech

  65. The Master’s Hand

  66. Trucker Pulls Over On Highway And Places Hand Over Heart As Veteran’s Funeral Procession Passes

  67. 25 Of The Most Heroic Dog Tales You’ll Ever Read

  68. Kids Letters to God

  69. She changed the pathway of her life. Forlorn no more.

  70. Every good and perfect gift: theunfetteredpreacher

  71. King Solomon, Wicked Evil Leakey Messengers?   (Citizen Tom Blog)

  72. King Solomon, Wicked Evil Leakey Messengers?   (RUDY U MARTINKA Blog)

  73. Solution Saturday: My Boss is a Terrible Leader


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