A Minor Setback

I knew the moment that I finished my semester that I would need sleep. It has been such a long semester for me and every day recently has felt like a struggle to survive. It’s very rare where I will spend a couple of days in a row in bed all day, but it was something that just seemed necessary the last two days given how crazy the last few weeks have been.

Still. I view this past weekend as a minor setback. I hardly wrote at all which makes me annoyed with myself. I always feel better after a good long writing session. It was painful to skip a day writing on my blog and even when I did write, it wasn’t really new content, just reviewing my week.

It has been a while since I just binge-watched Netflix all day, and doing that two days in a row, well that I consider a setback. What makes it worse is that with my stomach issues still a major problem, I am eating smaller meals to get by, and for the most part I have lost my appetite.

Giving up coffee means that I feel less like myself and even less like I really want to get anything productive done. I am a little worried that I will waste my winter break and stay in bed all the time because it’s what has happened in the past.

What makes setbacks so annoying is that it is entirely under my control. I can get up, put down my gaming controller and do something productive. But, I chose to let depression sink in and I let the feeling of being lost control my present.

When I give into the negative thoughts so much that I feel like the minor setback…[ ]

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