The Bus Trip – La Custodia

12/19 – El Paso

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a six block walk from the hostel.

A light snow fell.

I stopped into a CVS and bought a Rosary.

I arrived at the Cathedral in time for the prelude to the Noon Mass.

When I saw the altar I fell to my knees and wept from shock.

At the center of the altar and slightly above it was a huge crucifix with
a bleeding Corpus Christi.

In front of it was a statue of St. Joseph, hands folded in prayer.

Spreading out and up were angels, cupids, gold scrolls, candles, incense, incense burners, wings, what looked like a menorah, and a huge painting of Mary ascending as Enoch into Heaven.[ ]

Source: The Bus Trip – La Custodia


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