The Man Who Wanted to Be Poor-Chabad


Art by Adele Steinberg
Though people in the synagogue pitied him, he felt no shame
Art by Adele Steinberg

Reb Eliezer Lippe trudged along the familiar path deep in thought. The buckets he carried brushed against the foliage and swung back hard against his sides. A bird perched on his shoulder, whistling for the crumbs that it knew would soon appear. A squirrel darted into the bushes. The sun threw lacy patterns of light and shadow where it broke through the trees. The earth crunched beneath Reb Eliezer Lippe’s slight, bent form. A gust of wind tugged at his sparse greying beard, and as he emerged from the forest into the glare of the sun, he blinked hard, aware that anyone who saw him would immediately [ ]

Source: The Man Who Wanted to Be Poor

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