Constipation and Spiritual health 13 December 2017


Chronic constipation

This began in the Easterof 2011 when I returned to the ECCA after a year or more in disgrace for what I don’t quite know. Since that time I have never had easy bowels. I know at the time that I was depressed, had eaten too many Easter Eggs. I cannot believe that I waited until 2017 and lived with an anal fissure for three of those years before actually doing something about this.

Pretty much a state of my Soul, doing something somewhere where it was unsafe and unwise to be. That was returning to Ecumenical Christian Ministries as a permanent deacon as if my doing this confirmed my humanity. So I continued to live in pain and in a Spiritually Depressed state.

Colonoscopy and endoscopy

Finally I bit the bullett and did somehting; I am very fortunate to have had the procedures in the Billington Centre at the POW Hospital, on Medicare when the last one cost me $700 and then some at a swish centre in Bondi Junction where they found nothing – resulting in an emergency admittance to the POW for a Bowel resection after removing Diviticulitis damaged bowel.

Below – The insides of me – I watched the colonoscopy on camera but passed out during the endoscopy.

I was anxious that there might be something drastically wrong yet hoped that they might find a blockage of some description to explain the cconstipation.

colonoscopy 22-11-2017
Colonoscopy – so pink

As I have just mentioned ever since Easter 2011, as best as I can remember, I have suffered with chronic constipation, needing to use aperients on a daily basis. I began using Lactulous, orally. This worked for a time but there needed something stronger I added microlax mini enemas.

I had worked out that the peristalsis motion in my intestines and colon was sluggish and didn’t push things along.

I changed my diet and drank more water yet nothing improved.

I was referred to Dr simon Benstock who sent me away for a Colonoscopy, subsequently an Endoscoopy was ordered after findings at the Prince of Wales while I was in Emergency with epilepsy.

The procedures were done by Dr  Dr Mark Muhlmann.

My post procedure visit to him informed me that while there is nothing morbidly wrong with my bowel, it is twisted and that possibly causes the problems.

So I am on Modicom until I outgrow it.

There was a 1 cm polyp which was benign and some Helicobacteriosis in my stomach now being treated before a Breath Test to check out the cure.

Dr Muhlmann tells me that there is nothing I can do about the costipation but the Helicobacteriosis must be cured before I get ulcers.

My spiritual state is still depressed and I now feel that Epilepsy and Bipolar Disorder hasn’t helped either body or soul to thrive.

I must look into writing any/some/thing on Constipated Christianity






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