My name is Mariem and this is how I accepted Islam


Allah works in mysterious ways.

My name is Diana and I live in Texas, USA.

My life is an evidence of that. A brief background about me, I’m currently a pediatrician-in-training in the United States and was raised in a Catholic family in the Philippines. Alhamdulilah I was able to build my faith in my younger years. I started to have doubts about my religion when I was in college. Still, I did the practices and prayers despite my questions. I even volunteered to be a liturgy reader during the masses and always lead prayers and rosaries. My faith in God grew more day-by-day and that made me even consider becoming a nun in the future. I continued to suppress all my queries until I started residency training.

For some, they may say they have not experienced the lowest point in their lives. Two years ago, I did. I had the most difficult time getting accepted in a residency program and passing the last step of the licensure exam in the US. That, I can say, was the lowest state I had ever been in my life. Being someone who always did well in life, those made me think about my existence, which opened the door to Islam. As a resident, I was able to work with a lot of Muslims. I came to know that they are the kindest and most patient people. One time during a call in my first year of training, I was able to witness two of my co-residents…[ ]

Source: My name is Mariem and this is how I accepted Islam