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The Weekly Headlines

  1. How to Deal with Annoying Jerks Who Only Want to Talk About Politics at Family Gatherings

  2. WATCH: Country & Western Singer MOCKS NFL


  4. I Am So Tempted….

  5. One Hit Wonders #9: “In the Year 2525” by Zager & Evans (RCA 1969)

  6.  Evil doers shall be cut off

  7.  Trump a Fearless Warrior Sticking with Moore – Witnesses Refute Allegations – Moore Up by 6

  8. Happy Birthday Boris Karloff: THE OLD DARK HOUSE (Universal 1932)

  9. Hope for today: Oh give thanks

  10. Proclamation – Thanksgiving Day – 1789

  11. THANKSGIVING ! 2017:)

  12. Is today really April 1st?

  13. Is Fibromyalgia Just Another Word For Lazy?

  14. To All Our Friends

  15. Quote of the Day

  16. Happy Thanksgiving

  17. How to Get Loyal Visitors to Repeatedly Return to Your Blog

  18. Thanksgiving Fun Video: “As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly”

  19. Most Thankful For: Hillary Clinton Is Not the President 

  20. Thanksgiving Blessings

  21. Thanksgiving Blessings!!

  22. Happy Thanksgiving

  23. My best thought for Thanksgiving, and always.

  24. The Seven Powers of Gratitude

  25. As We Wake Up This Morning (Happy Thanksgiving 2017)

  26. The Daily Life in Humberstone Mining Town Chile

  27. Thanksgiving – Then and Now


  29. Thanksgiving….

  30. Happy Thanksgiving: theunfetteredpreacher

  31. Happy Thanksgiving – 2017

  32. Being Thankful

  33. November 23 – Thankful

  34. Roller Coaster, Part 2

  35. Hostess

  36. 6 Things For Which Americans Should Be Thankful

  37. What’s the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?

  38. Americans 1968

  39. Hope for today: offer thanksgiving

  40. Thanksgiving Tradition: ALICE’S RESTAURANT (United Artists 1969)

  41. Evening Meditation 11-22-17

  42. King Solomon, Thanksgiving Day Wisdom

  43. Last words: theunfetteredpreacher

  44. When Others See Your Value – Others See Your Value

  45. “You Can’t Get There from Here” (But You Can . . . with Some Delay)

  46. Thankful to be thankful

  47. The Pedo Party

  48. Happy Thanksgiving!

  49. F is For Fibromyalgia

  50. Soldier’s Thanksgiving Message

  51. Quote of the Day

  52. Just a friendly reminder

  53. How to Make Money in 2016 and Beyond as a Beginner

  54. Satire Increasingly Indistinguishable from Actual News Coverage 

  55. President Trump Pardons White House Thanksgiving Turkey…

  56. empty nest

  57. 25 Insights Into The Mind Of A 7 Year Old

  58. My Angel

  59. Home Is The Nest You Make Yourself

  60. Roller Coaster

  61. Not the leftist Narrative

  62. Love

  63. New FBI McCabe Email dump reveals McCabe’s conflict review

  64. Shock and Awww

  65. A Nasty Divorce -Brexit

  66. Quote of the Day

  67. Wednesday Thanksgiving Patriotic Songs 11/22

  68. This Is How to Rank for Long-Tail Keywords, 5 Free Secret Tips

  69. “It’s Complicated” 

  70. Settling in to Fall

  71. Satan Claims Sexually Assaulted By Charles Manson First Day in Hell

  72. Through Mud and Mire!

  73. Overview of Humberstone Mine

  74. The Waves (South)

  75. My Joy Found ~

  76. Finally, you may rest in peace

  77. The Power Of Reaching Out

  78. Catch! Live! Impart!

  79. VIDEO Michael Savage Wants To Turn America Back To God – What Freedom Really Means – Take A Knee

  80. “No bed of Roses?”

  81. People Forget #Kindness Is Free

  82. One Table

  83. Checking in with Los Feliz

  84. So you think you’re smart eh?

  85. V.P. Mike Pence was ridiculed when he honored his commitment to his wife

  86. Rumblings in Europe

  87. Girl Scouts tell parents – your daughter doesn’t owe anyone a hug

  88. Lois Lerner Fears Retaliation

  89. US strikes on Afghanistan opium labs

  90. Quote of the Day

  91. Cattle call

  92. 5 Simple Ways to Break Into an Online Community

  93. Charlie Manson brought the sixties to a screeching halt…

  94. Sex poodle Charlie Rose apologizes for being a creep…

  95. Not the Onion 

  96. Trolls, Confirmation Bias, and Fake News

  97. General Joseph May Swing – Intermission Story (30)

  98. Stars that vary in brightness shine in the oral traditions of Aboriginal Australians

  99. Oh, What Jesus Can Do for You ~

  100. Has God Gifted You?

  101. Everyone Needs A Paul, A Barnabas, And A Timothy In His Life

  102. Accuser Won’t Hand Over Yearbook Because Allegations ‘Untrue’ – Supporters See Through Shenanigans

  103. Empowering Yourself From The Outside In

  104. Hope for today: receive what is promised

  105. 47 Unusual but Effective Free Blogger Tricks You Will Love

  106. Stasis

  107. A menina com paralisia cerebral que virou ícone de estilo e inspiração no Instagram   (The girl with cerebral palsy who became an icon of style and inspiration on Instagram)

  108. Wrong side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell

  109. Daily motivation

  110. Perfect Message

  111. How a New York Senator Can Rag on the Clintons without Risk of Death

  112. Quote of the Day

  113. Border Patrol Officer KIA

  114. How a New York Senator Can Rag on the Clintons without Risk of Death

  115. Sunday funnies

  116. Did you know about the “The Congressional Accountability Act of 1995”?…

  117. Anybody remember this sexual harasser? (Barack Obama Shows Erection To Reporters On Plane)

  118. I hear the Lord Saying: It’s time to break down the barrier before you.

  119. Trump and the Latter Day Sun-Tzu 

  120. So Very True

  121. A menina japonesa de 6 anos que virou ícone fashion e conquistou milhares de seguidores no Instagram

    (The 6-year-old Japanese girl turned fashion icon and won thousands of followers on Instagram)

  122. Let’s talk About False Accusations and Reputations…

  123. Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary Following WFB’s Report

  124. Beam me up, Jesus?

  125. Humberstone

  126. The Believer’s Conduct

  127. VIDEO Former Girlfriends, Employees, Childhood Friends Step Up to Defend Roy Moore – AL Senate President – AL Gov

  128. That’s Blaxploitation! 11: Jim Brown in SLAUGHTER (AIP 1972)

  129. Hope for today: cry for help

  130. Evening Meditation 11-18-17

  131. Grope Gate will be used against President Trump

  132. Life

  133. Hillary’s Hallucination On Power

  134. Quote of the Day

  135. Al Franken is just a stepping stone to get Trump…

  136. Caturday funnies

  137. Friday happy dance

  138. Pissed-Off Yet? You should Be

  139. Quote of the Day

  140. Double hit and run hypocrite

  141. Daily Colorado

  142. Gun Control Solved!

  143. Evening Meditation 11-17-17

  144. The Magnesium Miracle

  145. Hope for today: trust in His name

  146. Monopolizing The Listening

  147. A Protection Racket Wrapped in a Cover-up

  148. The Truth About Weinstein, Spacey, Moore, and High Profile Accusations of Sexual Abuse


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    Thank you for including me (I’m #13, #46, #49, #64 and #81 unless I missed any!).
    Very kind of you to spread the #bloglove.
    Hope this day is being good to you so far. 🙂


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