Health in general 25 November 2017

Dear friends and fans,

you may have noticed my absence of late; both Jessica and I have been dealing with our UN heal and our Dis ease.

She recovered quickly from her heart surgery, another first for Australia with the type of Keyhole surgery to bypass two tears in her arteries with a wee bit of CVD. She is practically back to her usual activities. She has been enjoying her woodturning; we have been crafting wooden ornaments for the christmas tree.

My Endocrine Registrar sent me to the same cardiologist as Jessica for a Cardiac Cat scan- she thought it was time for me to have another, because of my age. All proved well.

Wednesday just gone I had two procedures in the Billington Centre in POW Hospital Randwick, a Colonoscopy and endoscopy – wide awake it was very interesting looking at my own innards. This is a free clinic for Pensioners not like the $750 I paid the last time in Bondi Junction, not a penny back from Medicare. I had a friend of mine, Peter Johnson, (Bishop), who Ordained me on 4th October 2015, pick me up and deliver me home. Straight back to usual activities.

They found a polyp which has gone to be analysed and they also took biopsies of my Stomach – I get the results next Wednesday week. It is just so pink in there, however we did not discover an explanation for the chronic Constipation I am suffering some long time. The Surgeon did say I have a tortuous bowel which may offer some information.

Meanwhile it is permanent laxatives for me.

Wikipedia has an article I can tick many boxes therein.

I won;t scan the coloured images of my adventure in pain.