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With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample our enemies. Psalms 109:13

The Weekly Headlines

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Breaking News

    1. WATCH: Preacher Sees ‘Something DEMONIC’ Behind Anthem Protest – Is He Right Or Ridiculous?

    2. ARE Americans practicing Communism? [part one]

    3. Why so much chaos in last years election? [part 2 of: ARE Americans practicing Communism?]

    4. Why So Downhearted, My Warrior Bride?

    5. Franklin Graham: 1 huge difference between Trump, Hillary after Vegas slaughter

    6. The sad heartbreak of the nation that imagines its government to be God

    7. Are Educational Decisions Dividing the Church?

    8. Friday Change of Pace

    9. VIDEO Peace In The Valley

    10. How To Talk To Your Kids About Death, Shootings, Natural Disasters, And Other Scary Things

    11. What is going on. What to do about it.

    12. Hope for today: His divine power

    13. Evening Meditation 10-5-17

    14. Do Spirits Walk Among Us?

    15. Snippet of The Day 10.05.17

    16. A Very Random Post

    1. Redirect

  1. Synch or swim

  2. Prey on words — pseudoscientific edition

  3. Friday happy dance

  4. Australians give up 51,000 illegal firearms as 3-month amnesty ends

  5. Babe

  6. King Solomon, Community Angst

  7. Halloween Havoc!: SUGAR HILL (AIP 1974)


  9. Rights in question by definition

  10. Thought for Today

  11. Pence surprises country music station with special message after Las Vegas shooting


  13. Birthdays are for….

  14. Chaplins – WWII – Intermission Story (21)

  15. Grasshopper

  16. Girl – Fall in Line

  17. Note to self…Oct. 5th

  18. The New Racism and Willful Ignorance

  19. Paddock Prescribed Drug Linked To Violent Outbursts, Big Pharma and Media

  20. Halloween Havoc!: CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA (Filmgroup 1961)

  21. Evening Meditation 10-4-17

  22. Hope for today: do not repay evil

  23. Daily Denver

  24. Frustrated Liberal Concludes Gun Control Policies Don’t Work

  25. Arse Hole of the Week

  26. If you have a few minutes…

  27. Battle of the bulge

  28. 51% of the Murders come from 2% of U.S. Counties

  29. We’ll Always Have Pancakes

  30. King Solomon, Trump’s Rights Rules

  31. Too Much Crime On My Hands

  32. Quote of the Day

  33. Thought for Today

  34. VIDEO Would You Help?

  35. Snippet of The Day 10.04.17

  36. Take a Knee and Show your Care for your Country

  37. Just

  38. 45 Minutes Before Mass Shooting In LV, “Hispanic” Woman Warned: “You’re All Gonna Die Tonight”



  41. Our Nature

  42. King Solomon,  “Pure Evil,” Blowing in the Wind?

  43. Real Men Lead

  44. Open Letter to Anyone Who Won’t Read It — Reblogged from John Branyan

  45. Spiritual Maturity

  46. Moment of Unity in a Disintegrating World

  47. Pay Attention NFL, You Could Learn Something: KISS Pays Tribute to Veterans, Flag

  48. Hope for today: the Lord is close

  49. Evening Meditation 10-3-17

  50. Halloween Havoc!: KISS OF THE TARANTULA (Cinema-VU 1976)

  51. The media is ramping up the negativity towards President Trump

  52. And This Is Why I’m an “Anti-Government Nutjob”

  53. Hungary Defiant

  54. English major jocularity

  55. For better or for worse

  56. King Solomon, President Trump, Great Unity Negotiator?

  57. The Cat’s Pajamas Birthday Party

  58. Five From The Fifties

  59. Quote of the Day

  60. Thought for Today

  61. Trey Gowdy: More then one person involved in Las Vegas shooting?…

  62. Las Vegas Shooting: God Bless America just one hour before massacre…

  63. Follow That Dream: RIP Tom Petty

  64. I read something interesting

  65. There’s Something You Aren’t Being Told About The Las Vegas Shooting

  66. I Won’t Back Down – A Survivor’s Song

  67. Why?

  68. HS Football players kicked off team after protesting during national anthem.

  69. Not a Normal Camp Fire Story

  70. Recovering with Puppies

  71. Halloween Havoc!: TARANTULA (Universal-International 1955)


  73. Halloween Leftovers

  74. Quote of the Day

  75. Ignorant Fool Hillary Clinton is glad the shooter didn’t have a “silencer”…

  76. Instant Pot Deal of the Day at Amazon…

  77. Motivational Monday Moment – 10.2.17

  78. Post Vegas, I think we all need to take a knee

  79. Saving the Snark for Another Day

  80. The Weekly Headlines-for 23September

  81. Forum: What’s Dumber? The NFL Knee Or Refusing Free Books From The First Lady?

  82. CSI: pick a family or city

  83. If You Lack Wisdom

  84. VIDEO Ex-UN Ambassador Power Named In Unmasking Lawsuit

  85. Halloween Havoc!: THE RAVEN (AIP 1963)

  86. Hope for today: press on

  87. Evening Meditation 10-1-17

  88. The Republicans sold out a long time ago

  89. Narrative FAIL

  90. Breaking:Mass Shooting at Vegas Concert

  91. Sunday musical offering

  92. Sunday funnies

  93. Puerto Rico’s cop telling the truth about Hurricane Maria’s aid

  94. King Solomon, A Wise Activist?

  95. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

  96. Film Noir Festival Redux

  97. Means of dissent

  98. Defining dissent in the kneeling protest

  99. Las Vegas – at Least 50 Dead, 200 Wounded in Terror Attack

  100. What do Nicholas II of Russia, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Bolsheviks, Vladimir Lenin, Vietnam, Antifa, and NFL Football have in common?…

  101. YAAAS! Conservatives take over #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words and it’s AWESOME

  102. Everybody is going to be saved–and nobody is going to be lost!

  103. Puerto Rico Cop Calls U.S. Radio Station Reporting Corrupt Mayor of San Juan and Request For Help…

  104. Facebook and Google are facing their day of reckoning in Washington — here’s a rundown

  105. Terror At A Pro Football Game… Does NFL STILL Want Cops To Stand Down?

  106. Welcome October

  107. Why Easily Offended People Are A Waste of Your Time – Level Up Stud

  108. King Solomon, Patriotic Act Misnomer?

  109. Catalonia

  110. Overrated.

  111. How to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 45 Experts Share Secrets

  112. Accountable to the Lord

  113. VIDEO Boycott NFL November 12 Growing – Anti American NFL Panic – Dr Seuss – Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity Interview

  114. A Changed Heart ~

  115. Feral Christians

  116. NBA Makes A CONTROVERSIAL Edict Regarding The Anthem – Does This Surprise You?

  117. A lot of people who voted for this Dumbocrat “wasn’t educated”

  118. Evening Meditation 9-30-17

  119. Creature Double Feature 4: RODAN (Toho 1957) and MOTHRA (Toho 1961)

  120. Hunting Fall

  121. Sunday Respite – Magic Autumn

  122. All-Star Comedy Break

  123. CNN gets dose of Anthem reality

  124. Mayor Carmen Cruz the terrorist supporter

  125. The Left is Killing Puerto Ricans

  126. Quote of the Day

  127. Michelle Obama: Tasteless, rude, and condescending…

  128. #BlackLivesMatter: I’m sick of you n****s…

  129. ANTIFA – What a mockery they are

  130. Sad Sackers football flop

  131. Film Noir Festival

  132. These Foolish Things

  133. West Point investigation of faculty member who mentored Antifa student

  134. Caturday funnies

  135. NZ Herald, peddling fake news again:

  136. Well, This Explains a Lot

  137. Life

  138. NEVER FORGET … All but forgotten. But not by all

  139. Evening Meditation 9-29-17

  140. Pentecostal Students!

  141. Hope for today: peace of mind and heart

  142. Don’t Be a Sellout ~

  143. Do You Know What You Are Called To Do?

  144. VIDEO What The Judge Roy Moore Victory Means – Message is Bigger Than The Man – Pro-Abortion Opponent

  145. WATCH: Preacher Sees ‘Something DEMONIC’ Behind Anthem Protest – Is He Right Or Ridiculous?

  146. It’s Just The Circle Of Life

  147. SYNERGISM: The Path To Good Health Or Disease

  148. Pain

  149. Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection: Nine Stories of Poverty and Opulence During the Gilded Age by Susanne Dietze, Michelle Griep, Anne Love, Gabrielle Meyer, Natalie Monk, Jennifer Uhlarik, Erica Vetsch, Jaime Jo Wright and Kathleen Y’Barbo

  150. USA, Texas, Austin – Texas Military Forces Museum


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  1. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample our enemies. Psalms 109:13

    The Muslims believe the same and therefore God’s enemies are Christians and Jews et al.


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