The Weekly Headlines


  1. Quote of the Day

  2. The Prophetic Meaning of the Destruction of History – Silent Pulpits

  3. I Will Now Give You Favor!

  4. Props to a Friend!

  5. Hillary Clinton refuses to call terror by name in Barcelona tweet, critics immediately slam the hypocrisy

  6. Oh, the humanity: theunfetteredpreacher

  7. There is a good word for that

  8. Next War, Should we Give Occupation a Chance?

  9. history

  10. The Fourth Truth The Church Needs For Revival

  11. Pursue peace . . .

  12. NMB, SC

  13. Evening Meditation 8-17-17

  14. Are we doomed to Orwell’s ‘1984?’

  15. Washington, Media Cabal of Chaos

  16. Trump’s New Ad: “Let The President Do His Job”

  17. Quote of the Day

  18. When do you again smile?

  19. Collateral Beauty

  20. The Seasons Always Change

  21. The Third Truth The Church Needs For Revival

  22. Heart of a Fighter

  23. Anti-Trump Campbell’s Soup CEO – Denise Morrison

  24. “Rend your hearts, and not your garments.”

  25. Bearing Good Fruits ~

  26. Action in the Alps: WHERE EAGLES DARE (MGM 1969)

  27. Hope for today: boast in the Lord

  28. 888

  29. Evening Meditation 8-16-17

  30. It’s the Clownfish!

  31. the hollow soul.

  32. Tech CEO Boots Site for “Abhorrent Content,” Then Laments Internet Censorship

  33. It’s an adventure!

  34. The Torchbearer showed us the path….

  35. Saving face

  36. News from the world of medicine

  37. Woman who took down Durham Statue a Pro-North Korea Marxist

  38. Quote of the Day

  39. Quote of the Day

  40. Elvis Presley: January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977…

  41. First Day of First Grade Fib Poem

  42. A Day of Creative Muse

  43. If We Erase the Past

  44. Prayers for Teachers

  45. G. O.’s Morning Must Reads – 8/16/2017

  46. National Airborne Day – 16 August

  47. Second Thing The Church Needs For Revival

  48. Just Be Sure To Notice The Collateral Beauty

  49. Hope for today: faithful and just

  50. Evening Meditation 8-15-17

  51. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — pain at the pump edition

  52. Hunting and gathering, circa 1957

  53. Liberals’ Narrative of Rage

  54. Quote of the Day

  55. Durham, NC: Let’s pull down a statue commemorating 500K Americans…

  56. A Southerner Speaks Out on the So-Called Confederate Flag

  57. The 1st Truth the Church Needs For Revival!

  58. Rocky Mountain High: THE NAKED SPUR (MGM 1953)

  59. Anniversary

  60. The truth that must not be spoken: Racism and violence are left-wing

  61. Vice Mayor of Charlotte VA Wes Belamy the true racist. Mayor Signer a Soros stooge

  62. Hillary funding resistance

  63. Obama to Russia with fear

  64. Quote of the Day

  65. Pax Dickinson: “Virginia State Police had explicit orders to drive [Unite the Right] into the antifa so we’d be assaulted”

  66. Trump: “To anyone who acted criminally in this weekends racist violence – you will be held fully accountable”…

  67. Charlottesville

  68. Intermission Story (12) – CBI – Eye Witness Account


  70. Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel

  71. Position and Condition

  72. VIDEO Duck Dynasty Chief Picks 10 Commandants Superstar, Judge Roy Moore For US Senate

  73. Best Pork Belly

  74. Hope for today: no separation

  75. Evening Meditation 8-13-17

  76. Bold Colors Needed

  77. Government-Sanctioned Racism Always Leads to Violence

  78. Delighted with Trump

  79. Sunday funnies

  80. FOX: Police pulled out of Lee Park after the violence started, said too dangerous UPDATE

  81. Leftists claim another scalp

  82. Quote of the Day

  83. Lying leftist mayor of Charlottesville, Micahel Signer, blames Trump…

  84. Captain Fiona Sneath becomes first female commanding officer of HMAS Albatross

  85. The Weekly Headlines – August 12th – posted 13 August

  86. What the hell is wrong with people? Crazies are running rampant in Virginia…

  87. Quote of the Day

  88. The Second American Civil War

  89. 14 Minutes from Pacific Chaos

  90. Sunday musical offering

  91. Caturday funnies

  92. Antifa and #WhiteLivesMatter deserve each other

  93. John Wayne in John Ford’s THE LONG VOYAGE HOME (United Artists 1940)

  94. Evening Meditation 8-12-17

  95. A Note About Political Violence…

  96. Hope for today: know the love of Christ


  98. Hilton Head Island

  99. Rise in Concealed-Carry Permits Biggest Among Black Women

  100. Humility and Greatness

  101. Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel

  102. There is a message in SKIN

  103. A Vital Turn!

  104. YouTube Censors Diamond and Silk.

  105. Deception Detection


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