Former soldier of World War II shows the drawings he made 70 years ago on the battlefield

O soldado Victor A. Lundy – The Soldier Victor A. Lundy

Few moments in modern history were so important, and at the same time so hard for those who actually lived them, as  was World War II. Like every transformative and brutal period, despite so many books, films and reports available regarding the Second War, only those who have been in the field, have seen and felt close to know, in their very skin, the horrors and the size of this event.

An American soldier named Victor A. Lundy, then 21, recorded his day-to-day and his battlefield experiences in his sketchbooks.

“Um dos 4 patrulheiros alemães que não voltaram. 01 de novembro de 1944” “One of the four German patrolmen who did not return. November 1, 1944 “

For over 70 years, these notebooks were kept with Victor, who at the age of 92 finally decided to donate his sketchbooks to the American bookstore. Paradoxically, there seems to be something more sensible and even real in the drawings than in a film or photo – because it is possible to imagine and visualize the gesture of the young soldier in the war scenario, picturing a moment.

“Parte do muro Atlântico. 6 homens de L Co. feridos aqui, 6 homens mortos. Quinéville. 21 de setembro de 1944” “Part of the Atlantic wall. 6 men of L Co. wounded here, 6 men killed. Quinéville. September 21, 1944 “
Bourg de lestre Sept 19,1944
“View from my bed. August 28, 1944 “

[ there are more of Victor’s drawings over the page and the remaining Portuguese is quite simple to understand.]