The Weekly Headlines 23 July 2017.



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  1. God Makes Things Happen ~

  2. I AM Shaking the Nations Through You!

  3. Hidden Images That Held You Back!

  4. The Key to Unlocking the Glory in You!

  5. An Urgent Word for America!

  6. Created for More

  7. Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse, NY

  8. Black Hills Treasure: Sylvan Lake

  9. One Hit Wonders #5: DOA by Bloodrock (Capital Records 1971)

  10. Hoover Dam

  11. A Retired Green Beret’s Warning

  12. Robert Mueller isn’t investigating Russian collusion. He’s covering Hillary’s ass and digging up dirt against President Trump

  13. Personal

  14. Oh Goody, I Found an Article Where a Millennial Lectures on Political Correctness

  15. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — let’s-hope-their-life-insurance-is-paid-up edition

  16. Bluebird flies the coop

  17. Trump digging up dirt on Mueller’s 15 Attorneys, new offensive

  18. Where have we gone?

  19. One flew over the Kremlin in 2016

  20. Quote of the Day

  21. Minneapolis: Somali Muslim Police Officer Shoots White Woman in Cold Blood…

  22. Pelagic Magic Marine Life (Blackwater Diving – Kona, Hawaii)


  24. When Your Life Isn’t “Pinterest-Perfect”

  25. Transformed

  26. Tyranny Is Coming

  27. Who Are The Real Heroes?

  28. Hope for today: the goal of your faith

  29. Drivers Wanted

  30. Enjoy the moments

  31. Judge Takes Over Prosecution In Bunkerville Retrial


  33. Page 4

  34. And That’s How You Get Senator Kid Rock

  35. The Media’s New Red Scare

  36. Summertime classic: Keeping cool

  37. 24 GOP Vote to keep Transgender, sex assignment surgery in the military

  38. Snopes Said What ?!

  39. Quote of the Day

  40. Donald Trump: Made in America Week…

  41. A New Direction

  42. King Solomon, Snopes, President Trump

  43. Make Better Choices Girlfriend

  44. The Case Against Criminal Charges For Hillary Clinton

  45. VIDEO Save the Christians of Iraq from genocide

  46. Three Temptations For An Achiever

  47. God Has A Time For Everything ~

  48. An Actor’s Actor: RIP Martin Landau

  49. Hope for today: wisdom from above


  51. Instagram

  52. Doctor Who Gets Ghostbusted

  53. Happy birthday, Isaac

  54. Having An Emotional Fit

  55. Homes in California must have Solar, Farms have Windmills

  56. MSM ignores any real news to beat the Russian Bear

  57. Decades Of Death Around The Democrat Party’s Leading Figures

  58. Quote of the Day

  59. Motivational Monday Moment – 7.17.17

  60. Cave of the Winds

  61. Quote Of The Week

  62. Intermission Story (7) – Submarines of the Pacific War

  63. Major missing!

  64. Unpause

  65. Hope for today:

  66. Frustrated

  67. The Deep Thoughts of Sally Kohn

  68. The joys of multiculturalism in an unarmed society:

  69. Sunday funnies

  70. Face time: botanical edition

  71. Italy thinking about ‘Nuclear Option’ in moving on migrants to Northern Europe

  72. Meme Wars : The Trumpers Strike Back

  73. Quote of the Day

  74. Need better habits? Try this…

  75. Grief and Mourning

  76. Bloody Good Show: Franco Nero in DJANGO (Euro International 1966)

  77. My Daily

  78. Hillary corruption watch

  79. On Taxes and Thieves

  80. Sunday musical offering

  81. Sunday Respite: Remembrance of the 16 servicemen who died this week

  82. Quote of the Day

  83. The Right Relationship Changes Everything

  84. Time

  85. heroes don’t wear capes…

  86. Remember Me

  87. A sign of our times- 7/15/17 theunfetteredpreacher


  89. On Being Forced to Face Our Own Demons Again

  90. Change Begins In The Mind — Pure Glory

  91. The Works of the Flesh

  92. The Declaration Exposes Americans-In-Name-Only

  93. Protest and Russia fatigue…

  94. Skywatch Fridays 7-14-17

  95. Hope for today: in God I trust

  96. CNN Report: Millions of American Voters May Have Colluded to Elect Trump

  97. Team building

  98. Strength Through Joy

  99. Friday happy dance

  100. Caturday funnies

  101. Quote of the Day

  102. Ted Kennedy asked Russians for election help, Bill Clinton mixed in the Russian election



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