Al Khidr my interpretation- 19 July 2017


A few days ago I posted the narrative of Moses’ encounter with Al Khidr, the longest ever living man.

My very simple, uneducated observation of the actions of the Green Man.

From my stance the encounter is a metaphore illustrating or demonstrating “that Allah’s way are not our ways.” Our God acts out of mercy and fo foreknowledge,  as Al Khidr demonstrates. Doing what is best for the future though cleansing the past.

Moses was granted to accompany the Green One provided he was quiet and did not question the events unfolding. Moses, though wise in a certain way,was one who delt in present and future alone, his wisdom was not the same as Al Khidr, hence he could not be silent.

The place where the two seas meet –  . A curiosity be cause there seem to be more than one.  The wonder of it is that it was foreknown in the Quran before discvered by science.

Moses knew the location as did Al Khidr, for either to cross the boundary would be transgression.