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“Posted on July 1, 2017

  1. This Is Just Sad

  2. Walking with the Enemy

  3. One Hit Wonders #4: NA NA HEY HEY KISS HIM GOODBYE by Steam (Fontana Records 1969)

  4. June 30, 2017 Time to let all of you know more about how I found real love

  5. 325: This Is LOVE !

  6. Power Within You

  7. Our Nation Is a Mess – It’s Time for Term Limits

  8. Hope for today: the shelter of the Most High

  9. When transparency means tyranny

  10. Blogging Me01

  11. 3 Things to Like About President Trump; 3 Things not to Like. Go.

  12. Fowl play

  13. Epic Battle – Marie Bartiromo vs John Podesta over his Russia links

  14. Quote of the Day

  15. Rand Paul: Trump and I reached health care idea breakthrough : 6/28/2017

  16. Feisty Italian Lady, Maria Bartiromo, Drives John Podesta’s Blood Pressure to Stroke Level…

  17. Just a Thought

  18. Burning the Past

  19. Sick Americans Are Easier To Control

  20. Walking the Talk ~

  21. Evening Meditation 6-28-17

  22. Pet Pic

  23. Hope for today: don’t grow weary

  24. Small But Powerful: HITLER’S MADMAN (MGM 1943)

  25. IFL – “Liberalism is an ideological cockroach…”

  26. We’re the Bad Kind of Gays

  27. Fake News is all CNN has

  28. Nation’s hospitals prepare for influx of shell-shocked VBS volunteers

  29. Dee Dee Myers in 1993 on why Clinton White House stopped on-camera briefings

  30. Quote of the Day

  31. Fixing a Floppy Sun Visor…


  33. I wish….

  34. Seattle Repeals Gravity

  35. Frozen.

  36. Stain.

  37. Believe in yourself…

  38. Have You Ever Been Frightened By A Shadow

  39. Cute Dog Pic

  40. Trump 9, Lefties 0

  41. Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England

  42. Did Loretta Lynch Try to Stifle the Clinton Email Probe? Senators Send Her Questions

  43. What Are You Becoming?

  44. Get a Grip on Fear ~

  45. Evening Meditation 6-27-17

  46. Carbon Monoxide Drama Day

  47. Hope for today: Thy will, not mine

  48. CNN Exposed (Citizen Tom)

  49. Is Trumprussia boomeranging?

  50. Stiff Upper Lip

  51. Letter from a farm kid

  52. Senior moments

  53. Sanders: FBI investigation of his wife and him. ‘It’s Trump’s fault’

  54. Another Leftist Prof Marched Off Campus

  55. Quote of the Day

  56. Thought for Today

  57. Tucker Carlson interview with Lila Rose. It’s not just Canada that has a problem with free speech: Hate and sensitive speech policy at Twitter…

  58. Best Instant Justice _ Instant Karma Compilation

  59. With you

  60. Just a Thought


  62. Frau Merkel und das Vierte Reich: Bedrohung für den Westen

  63. CNN Exposed

  64. The Meeting We All Desperately Need

  65. peace within

  66. Do we need a good laugh?

  67. Just a Thought

  68. Sweden National Police Chief: “HELP US, HELP US!”

  69. Hold your hand in this fire!

  70. Beautiful Lies

  71. Two Years of Cracked Rear Viewer!

  72. Conspiracy of Silence (The Tox Files Book 1) by Ronie Kendig

  73. Intermission Story (3) – Cpl. Delmer R. Beam & PTSD

  74. TRUST GOD’S HEART (guest post)

  75. Broken… But Not Destroyed

  76. Sunday Funnies!

  77. Never

  78. Evening Meditation 6-25-17

  79. Weekend Coffee Share 06/25/17

  80. Hope for today: live by faith

  81. Hello, Stupid

  82. We’re Going To Kill Them All

  83. Sunday musical offering

  84. Sunday funnies

  85. Donald Trump ends celebration of Ramadan dinner celebration

  86. A tribute to the looted maiden of Karyai stranded at the British Museum – “Bring her back” by Sofia Kioroglou

  87. Quote of the Day

  88. Thought for Today: ObamaCare

  89. PAINT MOVEMENTS: Tachism

  90. The Only Weapon…

  91. Dear Daughter – You’ve made fans for life!

  92. Handfuls of Purpose

  93. LEAKER DOWN! Look Who The New Leaker Is That The Trump Administration Just Caught

  94. Family

  95. Surprise

  96. Summer Fun with Bill Murray in MEATBALLS (Paramount 1979)

  97. Biathlon

  98. The War on America

  99. Repeal, Replace, or Regurgitate?

  100. The Gayest Car Since the Miata

  101. The hostility is getting more evident

  102. Caturday funnies: that sinking feeling

  103. The Left in the USA

  104. Quote of the Day

  105. Children of Darkness…

  106. Outrageous! Wild Bill for America ARRESTED in Canada…w/Update UPDATE #2 Update #3

  107. Life is Waiting

  108. Evening meditation 6-23-17

  109. Commit

  110. Hope for today: righteousness, peace, and joy

  111. melancholy

  112. I’m Not A Warrior Every day

  113. Public Apology

  114. Will Trump end up causing the downfall of Bernie and Jane Sanders?

  115. Another actor just couldn’t help himself

  116. Quote of the Day

  117. Friday happy dance

  118. Sean Hannity puts the Democrats into context and some Newt as the cherry on top…

  119. Good Enough Church

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