How to start over after a life of sins?


by HOTD Staff Writer 28 December 2016

People are difficult sometimes. Right? If you had an argument with someone, and then you try to talk to them again, you’ll feel like things are not the same anymore. They might not meet you with the same open arms and complete acceptance like before. And if you had several problems or downfalls with the same person, then that person might black-list you and make sure not to accept you back in his/her life because of your mistakes.

This is how we treat each other sometimes.

But this is NOT how Allah treats us!

Allah’s Name is ArRahman ArRaheem (The Continuously Merciful, The Especially Merciful), and He is indeed uniquely and exceedingly Merciful than any of His creation.

Look at this hadith…[ ]


Source: How to start over after a life of sins?