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  1. Quote of the Day

  2. Cindy Jacobs: ‘It’s Time for You to Advance’

  3. Warning: Contents Under Pressure

  4. The Deborah Anointing

  5. It Amazes Me Sometimes How A Song Brings Up Memories, Thoughts, And Ideas (Citizen Tom Thoughts)

  6. Does Everything Happen for a Reason? (part 1)

  7. Does the presence of evil negate the power of God?

  8. All Lives Matter, But Does Yours Matter More?


  10. Sweetie

  11. Alt-Right, SBC, and war with the church

  12. NY Times Tipped Off Shooter to GOP Practice Field Around Time He Moved to Area

  13. We Have Forgotten How to Hate

  14. Quote of the Day

  15. Happy birthday, Edvard

  16. Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn speak for me…

  17. That didn’t take long 

  18. Never Say Never!

  19. Good Cops Saving Lives

  20. A Spark in the Darkness.

  21. I’m Pleased With the SBC

  22. Hope for today: the Helper

  23. Roger Corman’s Bloody Valentine: THE ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE (20th Century-Fox 1967)

  24. The Left Owns This One

  25. Daily Denver

  26. Scalise: fractured bones, injured internal organs, severe bleeding, condition critical

  27. Prophetic echo from days ago

  28. Quote of the Day

  29. Happy Flag Day

  30. About face

  31. Trump hating Bernie supporter is shooter…

  32. Last Saturday, Huffington Post Called for the Execution of Republicans No Outtakes.. Light Camera Action

  33. The violence is coming from only one side

  34. Held Tight

  35. Everyday

  36. Senator Bernie Sanders Apologizes For His Campaign Worker Shooting Members of Congress….

  37. Will the HATE, never end?  theunfetteredpreacher

  38. Out of My Cold Dead Hands

  39. FLAG DAY – 2017

  40. Fun Flag Facts

  41. I’m Content!

  42. U.S. Army’s 242nd Birthday / Flag Day

  43. BlackFace 101

  44. Wisdom Wednesday

  45. Let’s Focus On The Good

  46. VIDEO Google Labels Video About Ground Zero Ban On US Flag as “Not Advertiser Friendly”

  47. Give Me The Wisdom ~

  48. Evening Meditation 6-13-17

  49. Happy Canada Day Eh

  50. Breaking: Gunman opens fire on members of Congress

  51. Rising Thought

  52. Quote of the Day

  53. Happy birthday, William

  54. This isn’t about Sandy Hook, Megyn Kelly, or Alex Jones…

  55. Republican Whip Shot at Baseball Practice 

  56. Blessed Be



  59. What a Marine Taught Me About Jesus

  60. Discover the Old

  61. And Let Us Not Grow Weary…

  62. Evening Meditation 6-12-17

  63. My Huckleberry Friend: BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (Paramount 1961)

  64. Yep

  65. Volume

  66. 10 Ways To Be Grateful Even On Bad Days

  67. The Deep State, Donald Trump, Reality Leigh Winner and a silent coup?

  68. Quote of the Day

  69. The Gangster’s Beat

  70. Church uses ‘Hunger Games’ footage as VBS training video

  71. Voting Open for 5th Annual Paul Revere Award…

  72. The Face(book) of Evil 

  73. Radicalized by a Culture of Hate 

  74. Zig ziglar

  75. “Weep With Me” By Rend Collective

  76. Is The Skipah Registered For Wedding Gifts?

  77. Tri-umph

  78. Isaiah 1 – 12 June 2017

  79. Go to yourself – Lech Lecha -June 2017

  80. THE LYNCH MOB – The Malignancy that is the Left

  81. VIDEO Entire DC Deep State KNEW President Trump Was NOT Under Investigation – Judge Jeanne – Jay Sekulow

  82. How Am I Doing In Expressing Love To Those The Closest To Me?

  83. In My Brokenness

  84. Short Story Time: Folding Knives and Blue Eyes

  85. Evening Meditation 6-11-17

  86. Hope for today: wisdom from heaven

  87. Faux Ode to Breaking Bad

  88. A Friend In Trouble

  89. Reality Leigh Winner, a useless idiot or did the ‘Deep State’ use her?

  90. Feel the Bern: Sanders proposes Christian ban in government

  91. Comey Day turns to Comey Day Down

  92. Quote of the Day

  93. What Evidence Is There of Donald Trump’s “Homophobia?” 

  94. My Financial Status and You?

  95. Does He Love Me Or Not

  96. Hope for today: made alive with Christ

  97. Kicking Off A Trend: FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH (Warner Brothers 1972)

  98. 1…2…A Million Ways To Die In The West

  99. Wrong color, wrong culture, you see:

  100. Pen thieves

  101. Quote of the Day

  102. Caturday funnies — Barkalounger edition

  103. Sunday musical offering

  104. Gays for Islamic Supremacy 

  105. The Great East African Rift Valley

  106. Nuggets – Right thinking

  107. The Chapters of Your Life?

  108. Alive

  109. Just missing


  111. Just a Thought

  112. Dr. Robert Jeffress Demands Apology or Resignation from Sen. Sanders

  113. Catching Up

  114. Accept Change

  115. Running away.. The race will never end

  116. suffer not a woman to teach

  117. Terrific images….Clever, true…. like ’em? I sure do!

  118. #64  tangled heartstrings, yet… “Even If” by MercyMe

  119. 323: Stag Night On My Doorstep

  120. Hope for today: I no longer live


  122. Daily Denver

  123. “Deep State” operative Reality Leigh Winner?

  124. Where, what “Matter”?

  125. Bye Bye Reza Aslan

  126. Out of Touch with Reality

  127. Friday happy dance



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