Buddha-Direct 4612: Dhamma on Air #65: The Ocean of Right Motivation


Dhamma on Air #65: The Ocean of Right Motivation


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Simile on the Ocean of Samsara @ 6:48
Ref: Samyutta Nikaya SN 35:228.

Question 193: @ 23:56
A: While dying Anagarika Dharmapala said "Let me be reborn again 25 times to share the Buddha-Dhamma"
Are such wishes advantageous and effective?
B: Are there Buddhas that arise on other planets, or is there some special aspect to earth?

Question 194: @ 25:58 A: Is Mahatma Ghandhi a Boddhisatta?
B: What is your opinion about this man, and the movie about his life?

Question 195: @ 30:51 A: Is Garden Buddha statues a good idea?
B: What is the difference between giving to a Buddha statue and personally to a Buddha?

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