72 sects

hpestreetWhen regarding the Christian family from the point of view of Islam and the Quran we can easily say that each congregation of Christians which breaks from the Body must be regarded as a Sect.


The first time my wife and I were drawn to join the Ecm after the Bishop had married us. Unwisely I applied to study Divinity and then found myself in a Nightmare. It came to me at a certain time that I had been the token Transsexual in a gay church. At the time we had one who was”straight as people like to say.Later there came another an Anglo-Catholic. As a  Transsexual I no longer identify as such but as an ordinary married man.That is the intention of transition.

My experience there was such that if I could have managed to remain a secular in mainstream church  I would have been of more use-unhampered by the political correctness in the relationship between a Bishop and a deacon.

I was to be a Deacon for 13 years until I wondered just what I was doing there.

A congregation of Clergy with 1 or2 lay people.

In 2013 the Ecorder split from Ecm to form a Church known as the Blue Mountains Franciscan Church. We had our first service on 4th October when I was hurriedly Ordained Priest by a Celtic Bishop.

I had no proper retreat other than a brief set of Questions to res pond to.

Again I felt constrained as to what I might do or say u till 4 weeks ago we both resigned from Bmfchurch@bigpond.com to attend Hope Uniting Church.  Full of young people with a chaplaincy programme to the UNSW campus.

Jessica is a good people reader and warned me to stay well away from the Bishop of Ecm and Br Shepherd of Efo/Bmfchurch@bigpond.com.  I DID NOT LISTEN.



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