To God be the Glory for Holy Spirit guidance for free Bible study tools-June 2017

From a friend called Bill via EMAIL

My Bible Book study tools:

1-01-OT– Genesis in ETRSF (59 pgs.)–

1-02-OT– The Book of Job in ETRSF (34 pgs.)–

1-03a-OT– Exodus– ETRSF (41 pgs.)–

1-03b OT– Joshua– ETRSF (26 pgs.)–

1-04-OT– Deuteronomy 26-30 in ETRSF (9 pgs.)–

1-05a-OT– Bible Study Tool of Psalm 37– ETRSF (2 pgs.)–

1-05b-OT– proof of Jesus Christ being the Word in Psalm 119 (4 pgs.)–

1-05b-OT– Psalm 119 in ETRSF (4 pgs.)–

1-05b-OT– Psalm 119 Study Tool Index (4 pgs.)–

1-05c-OT– Psalms in ETRSF (86 pgs.)–

1-06-OT– Easiest-to-understand from Proverbs — ETRSF (14 pgs.)–

1-07-OT– Song of Solomon in ETRSF (5 pgs.)–

1-08-OT– Isaiah in ETRSF (70 pgs.)–

1-09a-OT– Jeremiah in ETRSF (57 pgs.)–

1-09b-OT– Lamentations in ETRSF (5 pgs.)–

1-10-OT– Daniel in ETRSF (19 pgs.)–

1-11-OT– Hosea– ETRSF (9 pgs.)–

1-12-OT– Ezekiel in ETRSF (55 pgs.)–

1-13-OT– Malachi in ETRSF (4 pgs.)–

NT-01a– The Gospel of the Apostle Matthew in ETRSF (42 pgs.)–

NT-01b– The Gospel of Matthew in ETRSF with questions (46 pgs.)–

NT-02– The Gospel of the Apostle Mark in ETRSF (24 pgs.)–

NT-03– The Gospel of the Apostle Luke in ETRSF (48 pgs.)–

NT-04– The Gospel of the Apostle John in ETRSF (33 pgs.)–

NT-05– Harmony of the Gospels with Scripture in ERTSF (161 pgs.)–

NT-06– Acts in ERTSF (43 pgs.)–

NT-07– The Epistle of Romans in ETRSF (16 pgs.)–

NT-08a– 1 Corinthians in ETRSF (25 pgs.)–

NT-08b– 2 Corinthians in ETRSF (15 pgs.)–

NT-09– Galatians in ETRSF (5 pgs.)–

NT-10a– Ephesians in ETRSF (no questions) (6 pgs.)–

NT-10b– Ephesians Bible Study in ETRSF (7 pgs.)–

NT-11– Colossians in ETRSF (5 pgs.)–

NT-12– Ephesians and Colossians comparison (16 pgs.)–

NT-13a– Philippians in ETRSF (5 pgs.)–

NT-13b– God Wants– Philippians Study Guide (13 pgs.)–

NT-13c– Philippians Study Guide suggested answers (3 pgs.)–

NT-14– 1 & 2 Thessalonians in ETRSF (6 pgs.)–

NT-15– 1 & 2 Timothy in ETRSF (11 pgs.)–

NT-16a– Titus in ETRSF (2 pgs.)–

NT-16b– Philemon in ETRSF (1 pg.)–

NT-17– Hebrews– ETRSF (12 pgs.)–

NT-18– James ETRSF (7 pgs.)–

NT-19– 1 & 2 Peter (no questions)– ETRSF (11 pgs.)–

NT-19– 1 & 2 Peter with questions– in ETRSF (13 pgs.)–

NT-20– The Epistles of John in ETRSF (8 pgs.)–

NT-20– The Epistles of John in ETRSF with questions (10 pgs.)–

NT-21– Jude in ETRSF (2 pgs.)–

NT-22– Revelation– 4th Edition in ETRSF (20 pgs.)–

List of Free Bible Studies Without Commentary

Note: The following indicates my current project of improving my free Bible study tools

in both ETRSF form and the just Scripture references form.

The ETRSF versions are much much larger

because they are very thorough with all of logically indented Scripture written out.

***Bible Word Studies compiled and logically sorted by Bible Stevenson***

a.) God and His love and related to Him (30 Bible study tools)

Bible Study About Death

‘Forever’ New Testament Bible Study Tool

Bible Study About Heaven Where the New Jerusalem Is Now


God’s Planning– New Testament Bible Study

God’s Will

“written”, “write”, and “wrote” Bible study tool

Electing by God The Father

Special Choosing by God

Partial ‘Behold’ Bible Study Tool

“Holiness” Bible Study Tool

Bible study tool about “the righteousness of God”

‘forgotten’ and ‘remember not’ Bible study

Bible study tool about “the just”

Bible Study About Being Divinely Blessed and Verbally Blessing Others

“Fear not” Bible study too

Divine Peace from God for Believers

Bible Study About Truth

Bible Study About Light

“Name” of Jesus Christ

Bible study about ‘Savior’, ‘Lord’, ‘Jesus’, and ‘Christ’

Bible Study About “Verily” in the Gospels

Three Days Bible Study

Two Wisdoms

Divine Creation and the First Humankind Sinning

Bible Study Tool of “Worthy”

“Fear God” Bible Study Tool

“Love God” Bible Study Tool

Spirit-submissive: desire to obey The Holy Spirit’s guidance

Holy Spirit Guidance or Spiritual Enemy Guidance?

b.) Salvation and onward (13 Bible study tools)



‘Thought’ and ‘Think’ in NT

Short Bible Study About Faith

Heart Change and “Born Again”

Bible Word Study of Faith

Heart Change and “Born Again”

When Does Eternal Life Begin for Human Beings?

“Forever” Bible Study from the Wisdom Books


Not Only Grace– Grace and Sanctification

Justification, Sanctification, & Glorification

How Important is Biblical Christian Baptism?

c.) Sanctification (72 Bible study tools)

Wonderful Children of God

True Christianity Basics– Epistles in Subjects



Biblical Greetings

Boldness and Perfection for Christians

Boldness in Standing for Convictions

Special Choosing in the Bible

Christian Character Traits for Today

32 Christian Character Traits Scriptures


Communicating Wrongly

Communication Sins


“complete”, “all”, “every”, and “always”

Deceit, Distraction, and Deception



Encourage and Edify

Filled with the Holy Spirit Results

Friends and Friendship

“fool” Character Traits

God-Pleasing Friendship

“full of”, “filled with”, and “complete”

Glory Divine and Proper Human Glorifying

Happy, Joy, Joyfulness, and Rejoicing



Humbleness Instead of Pride

Judging, Tolerance, and Grace

Laughter and Merriment

Learning and Listening and Obeying

Learn and Know– For Following Jesus Christ

“let”– Christian Permission

Liberty and Freedom

Living– “walk” and “walked”

Love– in the New Testament

Mercy– in the New Testament

Ministering/Serving in NT

Miracle Doing– Warnings for Today?

“one another”– in the New Testament


Pleasure and Pleasing





“Rich” and “Poor”

Righteousness– Christians’ Responsibility


Selfishness– against


“shalt not” and “abstain from”


Spiritual Heart as Mentioned in Job-Proverbs and the New Testament


“Suddenly”, “Immediately”, and “Quickly”

Suffering, Trouble, and Tribulation partial study


“Thank”, “Thankful”, “Thanks”, “Thanksgiving”

Thankfulness (Gratitude Acronym)

Thinking– Conscience

Thinking: “Feel” and “Feeling”

Thinking Kinds– Scriptures About the Mind

Tithing and “one tenth” Verses





Waiting For and On God

“Wish” and “Want”


d.) Future (8 Bible study tools)

Eternal Life for Righteous Believers

Who Are Truly Prophets of God the Father?

Persecute Bible study

Are You Ready for Persecution?

The Final Resurrection

Future Rewards After Jesus Christ Returns

Final Judgment by God

Forever’ in the New Testament

4– Other Bible Studies Tools

1a– RFBSS Series #1– About God the Father and Jesus Christ

1b– More About Jesus Christ– matching exercises

1c– Important Teachings in John 13-17– ETRSF

1c– Love as Jesus Did in ETRLF

1d– RFBSS Series #2– About Wonderful Christianity Basics

2a– Justification, Sanctification, & Glorification

2b– Divine Assurance from God for a True Christian

2b– Divine Blessings for the True Children of God– ETRS

2b- Two Wonderful Bible Study Tools

2b– Wonderful Children of God– 2nd edition

2c– Abnormal True Children of God– Bill’s responses– ETRSF

2c– Abnormal True Children of God Scripture references only

3a– Scripture References Compilation About Thinking

3b– Bible Study Tool for Holy Spirit Living– ETRS

3b– Holy Spirit Guidance or Spiritual Enemy Guidance– ETRS

3c– Christian Education Philosophy

3c– Commandments and Christians– ETRS

3c– God-Pleasing Living– ETRS

3da– Basics for Christian Living– version 1

3db– Basics For Christian Living– suggested answers

3dc– Basics For Christian Living– only questions

3e– Ephesians 5 in ETRSF with questions for true Christian marriage

3f– Restoration Principles and Techniques

3f– Romans 8 & 12 study guide– ETRS

4a– Multi-Bible Words Study About Standing For Convictions– ETRS

4b– What About the Famous Joseph—ETRSF

4c– Exciting New Understanding about Luke 22– ETRS

4d– Andrew, Philip, Stephen, and Barnabas– ETRS

4e– For Discerning Leaders Who Have Problems– ETRS

4e– God’s Love Against Modern Day Phariseeism– ETRS

4e– Biblical Warnings About Who and What to Avoid– ETRS

4fa– Leadership to Churches for Revival

4fb– Leadership to Churches for Revival suggested answers

4g– for Third World Bible Teachers– Some Wonderful Bible References

5a– Proper Doctrine and Teaching—ETRSF

5b– some answers to basic questions

5c– right and wrong judging, tolerance, and grace– ETRS

5d– Why God does not love all people– ETRSF

5e– For Relating To Others Who Are For Wrong Doctrines– ETRS

5f– Challenge for revival against New Age doctrine– ETRS

06a– more about courage

06b– Passive or Active Christianity– ETRS

06ca– Relating to Society Introduction Bible Study

06cb– Relating to Society– suggested answers

06da– Related to Current Political Events Anywhere– ETRS

06db– Related to Current Political Events– suggested answers

06e– A Challenge in Deuteronomy 31-32 and Psalm 60 in ETRSF

06f– wayward Israel and wayard Gentiles– ETRS

6g– More About the Need for Sorrowing

07a– against the pre-Tribulation rapture theory– ETRS

07b– Thoughts in Response to a Sermon about Job– ETRS

07c– Why I Believe in an Allowing God– ETRS

07d– Are You Ready for Persecution in ETRSF

07e– For surviving in the Last Days– ETR


***Some of my best items that I have shared in my Internet ministry and ministry in churches:

· Interesting Spiritual Acronyms for e-mail sharing–

· Wonderful Children of God–

· Repentance– ETRS with questions (10 pgs.)–

· About Jesus Christ–

· Suggestions for Inductive Bible Learning (ETRSFing)–

· Examples of how ETRSF is very helpful–

· Jeremiah 15, verse 15-16in ETRSF–

· Philippians 4, 4-8 in ETRSF–

· against opinion giving in ETRSF–

· Results of True Christian Conversion in ETRSF–

· Ephesians 2, 1-10 in ETRSF–

· Bible Study Tool of Psalm 37– ETRSF–

· NT-21– Jude in ETRSF (2 pgs.)–

· Very Important Teachings in John 13-17 in ETRSF–

· Romans 8, verses 1-14 in ETRSF–

· Galatians 5 & 6 passages in ETRSF–

· Last Day Challenges in ETRSF–

· 2 passages from Timothy & Ephesians 6 in ETRSF–

· Hebrews 10, verses 19-25in ETRSF–

· for true Christian unity in ETRSF–

· Harmony of the Gospels with Scripture in ERTSF (161 pgs.)–

· Christian Character Traits for today in ETRSF–

· Ephesians Bible Study in ETRSF (7 pgs.)–

· James in ETRSF (10 pgs.)–

· 1 & 2 Peter with questions– in ETRSF (13 pgs.)–

· Hebrews– ETRSF (12 pgs.)–

· Folder of Bible study tools ordered by size–

· 1– Favorite Passages–

· 2– Word Studies–

· 3– Bible Books’ Studies–

· 4– Other Wonderful Bible Studies–

· *** wonderful offer!!! ***–

· Folders for Counseling Ministry–

· fact list about forgiveness–

· To Let Go Takes Love–

· forgiveness by N. Missler–

· Let Go of the Past to Move into the Future–

· True friendship, version 2–

· ***Best Love and Need in ETRLF–

· ***Wonderful Spousal Goals in ETRLF–

· The very best of marriages–

for God and for back-to-the-basics Christianity,

Bible lover Bill

Romans 8:28, Proverbs 3:5-6, Philippians 4:4-8, and Jude 20-25


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