Sometimes I get impatient 9 June 2017

I’ve said before (probably too many times) that as an Asperger’s/autistic person, I tend to think and process information differently.

I think I repeat this tidbit fairly often because a precious few members of the general public seem to understand (except of course, for the awesome people reading blogs like these!).  The world at large is still stuck in “Autism Is a Pathology” Land.

Yada, yada.

Not only do I process the world differently, but I tend to operate differently in pretty much every aspect of life.

There’s no harm in that.  Left to my devices, there’s not even much difficulty in that.

But I can’t live left to my own devices for prolonged periods of time, of course.  The way my life works, I do depend on other people.  I do crave their company (at least some of them, at least most of the time).

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