Walking away to God, or pride 6 – 5 2017

St. Francis told his brothers that it was better to remain with the Superior even if he believed him to be wrong, than to leave…etc

I shall find the exact Admonition before posting this., Recently I have resigned from the Blue Mountains Franciscan Church, in just such a situation.

A group of fellow Communites , conceptualized by the Superior and Parish priest, had intended to develop an Association of churches.  The company name had been registered  with the deprtment of fair trading and all requirements met.

Until said Superior decided to withdraw because he had decided that another was trying to be “boss”  in an organization never mentioned to have one.

The one putting his heart and soul into gathering  all together for Liturgy in my eye”s was cast aside due to Church politics?

Whether from Pride or exasperation my wife and I resigned from the Blue Mountain”s Franciscan Church.    Why mention  Jessica? Well, for many months she had become more and more  dissatisfied with the lack of fellowship  offered by a service  delivered  only through Skype.  We felt that the way Bishop Peter and his Community were treated was unfair.

Jessica  desired the human companionship that comes only through personal contact with other live people.

Technology  is wonderful  but, until  it suplants everything  else,  Christians  in the flesh are what she needs.

After deciding that I had become too old for the  epic Sunday Journey to the  Mountains I ,too, remained at home.  Presiding and  Preaching via the TV,which, essentially, is what Skype is. I could  not see the value of presiding  at home when it was thought invalid and another went through the motions in the mountains.

We left because no one understood why we would feel this way.

Currently  we are trialling Hope Uniting Church, just down the street.

To God