Top 20 Scary Stories That are True

Published on 25 Apr 2017

warning, some of these stories may keep you up at night.
I’m sorry if some sounds bull, remember it is supposed
to be all true shocking experiences from people and
I didn’t make them up, I tried to use the ones which
sounds the most realistic but some like the paranormal
ghost ones, not saying their made up but sounds less
realistic then others, but I used the ghost ones personally
because I do believe in spirits that walk the earth,
I had with my family a possible ghost experience in
our house we live in, we believe if their was a ghost
it is gone now as hasn’t had any odd behavior in
our house for years but if this didn’t happen to us,
the stories of the ghost would be less believable
by me and I probably wouldn’t of used them but
I do, because of what had happened all those
years ago, 1 day I possibly may make a story
about my ghostly experience and I who
probably feared the most had the most shocking encounter with a highly possible spirit, If anyone has any scary experiences
you encounter or know anyone who has then please share it to me through message and I will use it in my next top true scary stories.
I also missed a number so I skipped 2 as last story is actually 1.
Here are the list of stories in order

20 . The Man In The Bunny Costume
19 . The Ghost Babysitter
18 . At My Window
17 . This Real-Life horror Movie Scene.
16 . Stranger In The House
15 . When The Dead Walk The Halls
14 . The Phantom Hairdryer
13 . The Nightmares
12 . This Is Why The Basement Is Locked
11 . The Dying Patient
10 . What I sore On The Country Road
9 . A Helpful Spirit
8 . This Is Why You Should Never Let Anyone Know Where Your Spare Key Is
7 . This Literal Bump In The Night
6 . This Spooky Baby Monitor Sighting
5 . This Protective Kid
4 . This Fast-Food Fright
3 . Mommy’s Home
2 . What’s In The Basement
1 . Pretending To Be Asleep Doesn’t Work