Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s at the Moriah College Jewish School in Sydney

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Moriah College Jewish School in Sydney

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:
“Thank you all and thank you, our great friend, Malcolm Turnbull and Lucy, who have exemplified the warmth that we feel between Israel and Australia.
When you come to Australia, you feel warmth. First of all, the sun is shining, like in Israel. Secondly, people are completely informal, like in Israel. And third, there is just this vibrant friendship, a feeling of kindred spirits, and it’s on this occasion that I come here with a great privilege, with my wife Sara. It’s not the first time we’ve been to Australia, but it’s the first time that I come in the capacity of prime minister of Israel to extend the hand of friendship. That friendship, as Malcolm Turnbull had just said, extends for a century. A hundred years of friendship, and we’re celebrating now the beginning of the next one hundred years of friendship between Israel and Australia…..’

Source: The Prime Minister of Israel