Absence 27 February 2017


Just about 2 1/2 weeks ago I cut off my finger nail and its top layer of skin on a bandsaw and have been challenged in all manner of ways regarding what I can and cannot do with 9 fingers especially the one in question, my left hand middle finger.

I have cleared myself for turning and very carefully did some turning last Saturday despite the rain, some of our machinery has to operate outdoors so that there is room for us to be inside.

Last night I banged my head – after a seizure I suspect, on the bed rail- and woke up with a crown of thorns headache and diplopia. It was interesting crossing the road with the right timing for an eight wheeled two windscreen-ed transit van bearing down upon me. I spent as much time as I was able with my eyes closed today.

Fortunately I was with Jessica at the Eye Clinic so could sleep apart from when I kept falling off the seat.

Her eye pressure is zero in one eye because she has a leak in the eye, explains the change in vision.eye